Bishop Luther J DuPree, Jr. and Lady Jennifer DuPree

Bishop Luther J. DuPree

Bishop DuPree trained and served in the local church and the State of Nevada Churches of God in Christ under the leadership of the late Bishop E.N. Webb.  Upon the death of Bishop E.N. Webb, Reverend DuPree continued to serve the State of Nevada under the leadership of Bishop Carruth Hall.  In his service tenure, he has served as District Superintendent, Administrative Assistant to the State Bishop, Elder’s Council Board member, Ordination Board member, and Executive Board member of the Churches of God in Christ.  As District Superintendent, he had set up several churches in the Northern Nevada area, and filled in as interim pastor on numerous occasions.

After serving as the Northern Nevada Superintendent, and the First Administrator Assistant to Bishop C. Hall, and after careful thought and consideration of the travel time, finances, the hardship, and the spiritual growth and empowerment of Northern Nevada, the Northern Nevada COGIC pastors, (Pastor Live Tau, Pastor Dana Jones, Pastor Gregory Brown, Pastor Norris DuPree, Pastor Maurice Washington and Pastor Anthony Corley), got together and decided to pursue a Jurisdiction in the North.  Pastor DuPree felt that it would be unfair to pursue the Jurisdiction without conferring with or acknowledging the Nevada Jurisdiction Prelate, so at the November 1999 State set-up meeting, Pastor DuPree informed Bishop C. Hall of the pastors’ intention of forming a Jurisdiction, at which time Bishop Hall agreed that one was needed in the north.  Bishop and Pastor DuPree shook hands and Bishop promised to write a letter to the General Board endorsing and acknowledging the need for a Jurisdiction in the North.  After speaking to Bishop C. Hall, and getting his approval, the pastors talked to the membership, and Northern Nevada First Jurisdictional Fellowship formulated.

Because of that perseverance, in April 2009, after 10 years of faithfully serving, faithfully waiting, the Jurisdiction was granted to the Northern Nevada Churches of God in Christ, and Pastor DuPree was appointed Bishop Designee by the Presiding Bishop Charles Blake, and the General Board with the agreement and endorsement of Nevada Prelate Bishop Hall.  The appointment makes Pastor DuPree the first African American to be appointed Bishop in the Churches of God in Christ in Northern Nevada.  He presently oversees  five church’s under the Northern Nevada Jurisdiction: Center of Hope Christian Fellowship COGIC of Sparks Nevada, Grace Tabernacle COGIC of Sparks Nevada, Greater New Refuge COGIC of Fallon Nevada, Trinity Temple COGIC of Hawthorne Nevada and Rehoboth Holy Temple COGIC of Reno Nevada.

Bishop DuPree is a Holy Ghost filled, powerhouse preacher who is unafraid of preaching the unadulterated word of God to all.  He has a heart and a hunger to see miracles performed as souls are saved, back sliders reclaimed, habitual addicts convicted and converted, as the power of God moves among His people.

State Supervisor of Women Mother Bertha Mullins

Mother Bertha Mullins is known throughout the religious community. She accepted the Lord as her Savior and was filled with His spirit in her youth. She has held many offices in the Church of God in Christ, on a local, district and state level. Time will not permit us to list all of them, however a short list follows: Sunday School Superintendent, Sunday School teacher of all classes; President of Young People Willing Workers (Y.P.W.W.), teacher of all classes; Prayer & Bible Band President and teacher; Home & Foreign Mission Band teacher; first church mother of Faith Deliverance appointed by Superintendent and Pastor the late Willie J. Wynn; instructor for aspiring and licensed missionaries; Board of Trustee members; District Missionary of Northern Nevada State Executive Board Women’s Department; 3rd Administrative Assistant to Mother Verna Ware, State Supervisor; State Mistress of Ceremonies for Women’s Department; State Y.P.W.W. food administrator; special pro gram coordinator; local Pastor and Wife Anniversary Administrator; Church Liaison in absence of Pastor; Assistant in Public Relations when needed; encourager to all local, District & State Auxiliaries and Departments; and the list goes on. She currently serves as the Supervisor of Women for the First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Northern Nevada, Churches of God in Christ. She was consecrated to this office in November of 2009. Supervisor Mullins was nominated and selected as one of the Church of God in Christ’s 150 influential Women for 2015 and received her award on November 5, 2015 in St. Louis, Missouri.